Welcome to Arredi Marziani

Light is life, magic and emotion.

Her arts are new and creative ideas. Her creations born from her natural way of thinking, fantasize and dream, here is when the "the light turn on" and spring on the will to realize them. A variety of materials are used as every creation have to show that thought and dream in order to be more close possible to the effect she imagined.

Her works are the transformation of her immagination to reality and, viceversa, the transformation of reality in dreams and thoughts.

Arredi Marziani


Marzia Mosconi realize unique, exiting and design creations with a variety of innovative materials that give original lights effects. Her line of interior decoration and lights is called Arredi Marziani. MM, born in Milano 21.11.72, got her scenografy degree at Brera Accademy in 1995. In the same year starts to create her unique, particularand unsual interior designs in her laboratory that she shows in international design fairs.

Now her fantasy is dedicated to illumination and she produces innovative lights. Her creations are hand produced from the reserch of the materials to the final artwork. The production is numerated and signed. She also collaborate as designer for various companies.